Indonesian Evening

Indonesian Evening is an annual event organized by the Indonesian Student Association which purpose is to show the diversity and beauty of Indonesian cultures. In contrast to the Indonesian Food Festival event, the following event is emphasised on the cultural performances instead of the cuisines. This year, we intend to tell a story through a drama-like performance, but not necessarily only with plays. The story will be delivered through displays of different sequences of music, dance, videos and other performances.

Visual, audio, movements, combined with modern technology will be showcased to the audience. Moreover, various traditional cuisines from Indonesia will be available for purchase after the play takes place.

“Omah Dewe” is the theme of this year’s Indonesian Evening. It is a Javanese term which means “Our Home”. Our home is where our hearts are. Where we are most comfortable. Hence, we would like to express our home, the heart and soul of Indonesia, which is its everlasting cultures.

Indonesian food festival

Indonesian Food Festival (IFF) is an annual Indonesian culinary festival which was initiated in 2014 and officially organized by the Indonesian Student Association Enschede (PPIE) and supported by the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI Den Haag) along with other notable sponsors.

Last year’s Indonesian Food Festival had a theme of “Ocean of Taste” and was attended by more than 500 visitors. This year, Indonesian Food Festival will be coming up with the new theme and concept of the so-called “FoodiePelago”, aiming for a greater vast of audience at the University and Enschede. This following theme hopes to introduce the different tastes from Indonesia’s archipelago and Indonesian culture in the form of traditional cuisines, games and art
performances. The IFF is one of the most anticipated events of the year, both by the Indonesians living in Enschede as well as the international communities.


IDEx is the abbrevation of Inspirasi Dari Enschede which translates to Inspiration From Enschede. The following event acts as a sharing platform for people, not limited to only Indonesians, to speak and tell a story about their exciting experiences, struggles, insights, work and projects. We hope to inspire and provide additional insights to life through the experience of others.